Schema profiles

  Only basic schemas (for vocabularies)
Short name Name Schema type Schema for basic resources Semantic category Base class
AbsorbedBy Schema for ekt:absorbedBy Agents
absorded Schema for ekt:absorded Agents
AdminMetadata Schema for bf:AdminMetadata Concepts
Aggregation Schema for Aggregation (OADM) Concepts
bf:Identifier Schema for bf:Identifier Concepts
bf:Note Schema for bf:Note Concepts
bf:Title Schema for bf:Title (main) Concepts
bf-title-variant bf-title-variant
bf:Topic Schema for bf:Topic (etd) Concepts
CatRISContactInfo CatRIS Contact Info Concepts
CatRISContractualInfo CatRIS Contractual Info Concepts
CatRISProviderClassificationSchema CatRIS Provider Classification Schema Concepts
CatRISProviderLocation CatRIS Provider Location Concepts
CatRISProviderVocabulary CatRIS Provider Vocabulary

CatRISServiceClassification CatRIS Service Classification Concepts
CatRISServiceMaturityInfo CatRIS Service Maturity Info Concepts
CatRISServiceSupportInfo CatRIS Service Support Info Concepts
CatRISServiceVocabulary CatRIS Service Vocabulary Concepts
componentofmerge Schema of component of merge Agents
Contribution Schema for bf:Contribution Agents
dividedInto Schema for ekt:dividedinto Agents
edm-agent-organizations EDM Agent-based schema for organizations

edm-agent-persons EDM Agent for Persons with Affiliation

edm-timespan EDM Timespan

Time periods
edm-timespan-dc edm:Timespan-based schema with DC properties

Time periods